Amari Residences, Bondi NSW

The Amari development has maximised views, natural ventilation and safety.

Located in the heart of iconic beachside suburb Bondi, the recently completed Amari development has maximised views, natural ventilation and safety by utilising a combination of Alspec’s KidScreen® window products, Air-Flo® frames and Breezway® Louvres. The development’s incorporation of these window solutions ensures best advantage can be taken of the location’s northerly aspects and ocean views for each of the 32 apartments across the building’s 9 levels.

KidScreen® provides all the advantages of traditional window screens with the added protection of fall prevention features. Specifically designed by Alspec® to prevent falls from windows, KidScreen® may look similar to a fly screen, but has been proven to protect children by withstanding pressure and outward force tests as prescribed in Australian Standards and in line with the National Construction Code. KidScreen® also addresses the recent amendments to Strata Laws which require restrictions or protection on openable windows where the floor below the window is more than 2m above the surface beneath.

In a location such as Amari Bondi, a screening option, rather than a window opening restriction device, is the ideal solution as it allows windows to be fully opened as required, capturing the prevailing sea breezes in the warm summer months. To further enhance natural ventilation, the KidScreen® products have been paired with Air-Flo® Frames and Breezway® Louvre windows. The key benefits of louvre systems are that they maximise natural cooling and ventilation while maintaining light and views. Modern louvres also feature specifically designed seals which protect from the elements, reduce noise, and are easy to operate and clean from inside the building. Although Breezway® louvres satisfy the Building Code of Australian window restriction requirements, pairing them with KidScreen® products provides additional safety assurance in the multi-level building environment.

As well as Alspec’s window solutions, the Amari development features ProGlide® High Performance sliding doors to provide resident access to ocean view balconies and entertainment courtyards. Designed and developed in the commercial environment, ProGlide® doors offer noise reducing benefits and provide exceptional all weather performance, both desirable features in a busy beachside suburb such as Bondi.

The selection of Alspec’s premium window and door solutions will ensure the new occupants of this premium development can enjoy their ocean views and benefit from natural ventilation, relaxed in the knowledge all windows are fully protected and safe for their families and visitors.

Architect: AN+A
Builder: Piper Property Group
Fabricator: MAC Windows

Products Used:
ProGlide High Performance Sliding Door
KidScreen Child Fall Prevention Screens with Air-Flo Frame and Breezway Louvres