About KidScreen


Q: Can I install a KidScreen screen by myself?

A: To maintain the warranty of the screen it must be supplied by a licensed and certified installer to ensure fixing of the screen is correct.


Q: How much is it to supply and install a KidScreen screen?

A: The pricing of the screen will vary depending on size, colour and type of window being installed. You will need to discuss this with a dealer to provide you a more accurate quote.


Q: Does a KidScreen screen comply in a bushfire attack level (BAL)?

A: Yes, the KidScreen Window Fall Prevention screen is offered in a stainless steel option and complies up to BAL40 condition when fitted to a compliant window.


Q: I have an old window and young children. Can I have a KidScreen screen in my home? Or I’m a building manager for strata building looking for solutions. Can I fit a KidScreen screen?

A: Current building requirements only apply to windows in new construction. The KidScreen Window Fall Prevention screen can still be fitted to any existing windows provided it is installed by a certified licensed installer.


Q: I have timber windows in my newly built home, is this offered in timber?

A: The KidScreen Window Fall Prevention screen can be used on timber windows provided they have been tested and verified by the installer. The screen frame is only available in aluminium for strength. There are a range of colour options including decorative imagining which can look like timber.


Q: What is the warranty of this KidScreen screen?

A: The KidScreen Window Fall Prevention screen offer a 7 year conditional warranty when fitted and installed by a license or certified installer. Product must be inspected or replaced after the 7 year period to extend and maintain further warranty of the screen.


Q: What perecntage of sunlight does your KidScreen screen block?

A: The KidScreen mesh has openness of 37% which therefore blocks 63% of the sunlight coming through.