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Kids Don't Fly, Mandatory Window Requirements

About KidScreen

KidScreen Mesh

The KidScreen mesh comes in two options.

1/ An exclusive KidScreen mesh made from heavy reinforced polyester material that gains its strength from its woven assembly. This KidScreen mesh is a cost effective option ideal for urban or coastal terrain conditions where high salt corrosion is evident comprising of a UV inhibitor to with stand the extreme temperatures without compromising the durability in strength over time.

KidScreen Mesh Properties

Open Area = 37% ; 17 x 10 mesh per square inch

2/ The KidScreen Stainless Steel mesh is an alternate option which allows greater visibility, air flow ventilation and compliance for all bushfire attack levels (BAL). This mesh has a similar appearance as a standard flyscreen without compromising the strength and integrity required to resist a minimum force of 250 Newtons.

KidScreen Stainless Steel Mesh Properties

Open Area = 72% ; 18 x 16 mesh per square inch

KidScreen Mesh
Standard Kidscreen mesh shown above