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The beauty of child protection window screens

The beauty of child protection window screensOur child protection window screens are fall prevention screens that have been designed to keep your children safe at home, while still letting a wonderful, fresh and airy breeze flow through your home.

All Australian parents want to keep their children safe at home and there are many ways that this can be achieved. One strategy, now written into our national laws, is that all bedroom windows in apartment buildings and unit developments must be safe for our children, preventing them from falling out accidentally (Protection of Openable Windows).

Specifically, this law states that windows must have no more than a 125mm opening, if they are 2 meters or more above the ground floor, and/or be able to withstand a 250N outward force. Whilst many of us already use window locks to keep our children safe at home, this strategy means that we can’t open our windows very wide to let in fresh air. Also, window locks are a problem if we need to exit through a window in an emergency, because first we need to find the keys.

These are two of the reasons why we have designed our child safety screens, so we can offer not only safety and protection to your children, but also as a means for fresh air to flow into your home. Whilst we have built these safety factors into our kid screens, we have also ensured that they are modern and stylish and do not compromise the appearance of your windows.

Who can benefit from our child safety window screens?

Most of us want flyscreens on our windows, if for no other reason than to prevent insects roaming freely around our homes. Of course, security screens are important to keeping your family and belongings safe in your home, but these are more expensive and are usually fixed into place and cannot be used to escape easily in an emergency.

On the other hand, our child safety screens solve both of these problems, because they prevent insects from entering your home and they act as fall prevention. The fall prevention screens is made of heavy duty, reinforced polyester mesh or a stainless steel 316 grade mesh, which lets in fresh air while stopping your children from falling or climbing out the window.

The beauty of child protection window screensBoth the heavy duty polyester mesh and the stainless steel options, act as both fly screens and robust fall prevention screens. After all, most of us appreciate being able to open our windows to let in fresh air, even if we tend to use the air conditioning or heating at different times of the year. With our child safety window screens however, you don’t have to worry about your children being around open windows and you can still enjoy a lovely, fresh breeze in your home.

This means that residential homes and apartments can benefit from our window safety screens, as well as child care centres, Heritage listed buildings and strata buildings. In fact, in NSW, the window safety laws enacted in 2013 state that all strata buildings must comply with the new Protection of Openable Windows laws by 13th March 2018.

A final application of our fall protection window screens is in bush fire areas. The high grade, stainless steel option is particularly suitable in bush fire areas and complies with BAL (Bush Fire Attack Levels).

What are the benefits of our kid safe window screens?

The overriding benefit of installing our window safety screens is to keep your children safe at home by preventing them from falling out of an open window. The problem with using a window lock is that they prevent the free flow of air in your home and it takes time to find the right key to fit each lock to open the windows in an emergency. On the other hand, an adult can break open our window safety screens and evacuate everyone safely.

Our fall prevention window screens also give you the ability to have your windows fully open, so you can maximise the flow of fresh air through your home. As an example, a 1200 x 1800 sliding window (which is a fairly standard size in most homes) when fully open, gives you an approximate opening of 850mm for fresh air.

If you use a window lock on this same sliding window, your opening is restricted to around 120mm. So if you look at the square footage of both these open spaces, our child protection window screens give you 7 times more open window space for ventilation, compared to a window lock.

You needn’t worry that your home will look like a fortress if you select our stainless steel option, just one look at our gallery of photos will show you that all of our child safety screens are stylish and modern. In fact, they actually add a sleek and minimalistic look to your home.

You will be happy to know that all of our kid safe window screens meet the requirements of the National Construction Code, so you can be comfortable knowing that you have a high quality product that will help you to keep your children safe at home.

Our child safety window screens offer families the following benefits:

  • Prevents accidental falls from windows.
  • Allows full ventilation of the window.
  • Easy egress by an adult in an emergency.
  • Perfect for coastal or salt corrosion areas.
  • Built-in UV inhibitor to withstand extreme temperature variations.
  • Ideal for bush fire prone regions.
  • Stylish and modern with lots of colours.
  • Can be mounted to timber or aluminium frames.
  • Custom made to your exact specifications.
  • Fully compliant with AS5203-2016.
  • Meet & exceeds the National Construction Codes.

The big advantage of our fall prevention screens is that they comply with the National Construction Code for the Protection of Openable Windows. This means that rather than having your windows open just 12cm to allow in a small amount of fresh air, while still keeping your children safe at home, you can use our stylish fall protection screens and open your windows fully.

For many home owners, feeling a fresh breeze flowing through their home is important, but so is the safety of their children. Our kid safe window screens provide both of these functions and in addition are ideal solutions for bush fire prone and salt corrosive areas.

Developed by Alspec, who are leaders in the supply of aluminium products to the commercial building industry, as well as aluminium systems specialists, you can feel secure in knowing that your fall prevention screens are built tough enough to provide the maximum protection for your family.

For more information on our custom made, fall prevention window screens, call us on 1300 257 732 or complete our online enquiry form.